Data Center


  • Total Area: 7000 sq ft
  • Available Commercial Racks : 120
  • Total Commercial Racks : 200

STPI Bengaluru has Tier-III Level Data Center of around 19,000 Sq. ft. at Bengaluru with server farm area of 7,000 sq. ft. The facility jointly created by STPI and ESDS Software Solution Pvt. Ltd., the PPP Partner on the revenue-sharing model, who is one of the World’s leading Data Center Services and Cloud Solution providers. The facility provides Server Co-location, Cloud Services & Managed IT Services to Government, Industry & Academia and is located in STPI premises at Electronic City, Bengaluru.

Salient Features of Data centre

  • Rated-3 data center complying with TIA 942 standards strategically located in India’s largest IT hub Bengaluru, which is the least seismic active zone.
  • The data center is built with dual power feeder for redundancy, cooling and network across all the elements.
  • Designed to cater varying IT loads.
  • Certified for ISO 9001, 27001 and 20001 certifications.
  • Round the clock monitoring and maintenance by skilled personnel.
  • Load bearing capacity of 1250 kg/sq. mtr.
  • Fire Protected Facility
  • Very high speed and strong network backbone
  • Enterprise grade routing protocol

Email id : For information on the STPI services deatils and Tariff, Please E-mail us at blr.datacenter@stpi.in

Cloud Services

STPI offers the Managed IT Services to customers across India, over the cloud to address long IT infrastructure procurement cycles, underutilization of resources, need for dynamic Scalability, appropriate disaster recovery of applications and data.

Cloud has emerged as one of the most preferred modes to consume IT. STPI has partnered with leading Datacenter and Cloud Service Provider to cater to the dynamic IT needs of its customers viz Servers, Networks, Storage, Applications, Security, Cloud, Managed Hosting Service and Disaster Recovery Service backed by industry leading SLAs.

Co-location Service

STPI co-location facilities are built to ensure the highest level of security for the critical equipment.

  • The rack-space or raw space with specified power and cooling will be provided to place the servers / equipment.
  • The servers/ equipment will be terminated on a Gigabit Ethernet switch, if internet connection is required for the server.
  • The servers/ equipment will be directly facing the high capacity Internet Backbone.
  • 24*7*365 Remote hand and eye support for customers.
  • CCTV surveillance, IP based PDUs, Water leakage and rodent detection system in place.
  • Fire safety and smoke detection systems are in place.
  • Un-interrupted Power Supply 24*7*365.

For information on the STPI services deatils and Tariff, Please E-mail us at blr[dot]bdg[at]stpi[dot]in

Virtual Private Server

The power of IT infrastructure is directly co-related to the speed and performance of business. Virtual Private Server service delivers the raw horse power of bare metal servers bundled with a complete suite of infrastructure services. High-end dedicated server offering high configurations of RAM and SAS/SSD disks. The service provides a powerful configuration for high-load, performance-dependent, mission-critical online requirements.

  • Virtual Server with various configuration
  • Multi-Core Hardware and High performance SAN infrastructure
  • Virtual Firewall / Virtual Load Balancer / Virtual UTM.
  • Complete monitoring and tracking of system usage
  • Snapshots enabled.
  • On-Demand Compute, Memory and Storage upgradation.

For information on the STPI services deatils and Tariff, Please E-mail us at blr[dot]bdg[at]stpi[dot]in

Virtual Private Cloud

Virtual Private Cloud is an architecture-driven Cloud service, delivering a dedicated pool of compute and storage resources along with SDN, leveraged using a self-service portal. VPC is a true integrated Cloud architecture and is able to offer multiple services on a common service platform.

  • The Virtualized Cloud Infrastructure will support Storage across various storage platform like SAS, SATA, SSD.
  • Support Live Migration of Virtual Machine from one host to another.
  • Capable to create Virtual Machines with required number of vCPUs & RAM.
  • Supported multiple OS Platform & Database.
  • Provide Intrusion Detection System / Intrusion Prevention System.
  • Ability to upgrade and consume resources in real time.
  • Self-Service Portal for provisioning, monitoring and management of Virtual Machines

For information on the STPI services deatils and Tariff, Please E-mail us at blr[dot]bdg[at]stpi[dot]in

Hybrid Cloud Service

  • Hybrid Cloud allows customer to create an environment which is a mix of Public Cloud and a Private dedicated setup, hosted within the Data Center. Hybrid Cloud allows organizations to store protected or privileged data on a private setup, while retaining the ability to leverage scalable computational resources from the Public Cloud platform to run various applications.
  • Hybrid cloud deployment delivers best of features on-demand Public Cloud and highly compliant private cloud. The public and private infrastructure components are bound together by standardized or proprietary technology that enables data and application portability.

Storage As A Service

  • The Performance based Storage service is a multi-platform service, meant for Public Cloud, Virtual servers, Dedicated Servers or Private Clouds.
  • Storage service has been designed specifically prioritizing both performance and secure multi-tenancy. Each tenant is provided with a unique and isolated Logical Controller Instance (or LCI) with its own unique cache and CPU resources. Each LCI created is allocated a set of resources in terms of Cache Memory and CPU which can be dynamically increased/reduced seamlessly. All storage resources will be created in High-availability by default.
  • Storage service can be configured for performance and capacity based on Application requirement.

Backup Service

Backup service is a cloud-based Data Protection Service which allows to backup the critical data and make it available on-demand as required by the business.

Backup service provides complete control over the data, allowing it to secure it as per business requirements. The service effectively manages all available data types, including structured and unstructured workloads.

Features of Backup Service

  • Encryption or equivalent during transmission and at rest.
  • Backup for Remote server, Co-located Server and Virtual Server/Cloud Servers.
  • Data compression, Offsite backup.
  • On demand Restore.

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